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TIMES PEST CONTROL SDN BHD, has been well established in Malaysia since early of millennium year.

TIMES PEST CONTROL SDN BHD has seen tremendous growth and development since its inception. Our business focus in providing the best Pest Control Services to our customers.

The company’s head office is currently based in Kuala Lumpur.

Establish TIMES PEST as a renowned force in provision of quality services and value for money Pest Management company in Malaysia.

Practice environmental friendly ways of Pest Management.
Provide solution through custom-designed packages implemented by well-trained personnel.

Customer satisfaction assured through precise problem ratification, professionalism and commitment.

Satisfied customer is our dimension in customer care. This is achieved through a carefully controlled process that is governed by the requirements of our clients.

Whatever the pest management requirements, TIMES PEST personnel have at its disposal the means to respond and react quickly and effectively. You can be assured that your pests problem will be dealt with in such a way that inconvenience and anxiety are reduced to an acceptable minimum.

Our services are always kept to the highest standard and customer satisfaction is cater for at all times.

Hospitality & Leisure Pest Control

Hospitality and leisure business requires much time and attention to the smallest details. Pests, a small concern in our everyday life can create a huge problem in the hospitality industry – guests would never want to share their accommodation with the pests.

TIMES PEST provides its services to many leading hotels, B & Bs, restaurants, rest homes and golf courses with effective pest control services designed for the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Pest Management

Dining out is part of our culture. More eating outlets are established with great varieties to whet the appetite. But quality dining does not only constitute delicious food but of more importance is the clean and hygienic environment where great food is served from. Pests exist where there are food and therefore the kitchen of restaurants are where they will usually stay, soon venturing into the dining area. If overlooked, this could lead to problems that will compromise your income, business and worst your reputation.

TIMES PEST will help keep your business free of harmful pests.

Residential Pest Control

TIMES PEST can provide our domestic customers with the same fast, reliable, effective service that the commercial industry enjoys. Our commitment to protecting the environment, and our outstanding safety record, means you can trust TIMES PEST to deal with any problem. We always use the minimum amount of pesticides possible, so it’s perfectly safe to call us; even if you have pets and children in the house.

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Pest Control Specialist in Klang Valley. TIMES PEST provides total solutions for insect pest control, as well as Baiting System.